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Does Inbox Blueprint Can Bring Fortune To Me?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So What Is The "Inbox Blueprint"?

Inbox Blueprint is all about email marketing and more specifically building your very own email list so that you can make money by sending emails (inboxing!). It's the method that all the big internet marketers use and has made Anik Singal millions.

I have been reading a lot of techniques on how to make money online before and I can say that I feel down for so many reasons. I have been paying individuals to take charge of my online business so to say, that makes me annoyed with so many B's and scams out there. The end results? I've got nothing. 

I have receive just few cash from clickbank before where in fact not enough to compensate all my expenses. I heard of what they called getting a list and building a huge income through it. Since I was not able to do so I left the internet world focusing and reflecting on my daily lives. I have been scam that's what I thought. After a year I decided to came back and work on something to make some extra cash that will help me to recover. The point is never give up!

I found this new system called inbox blueprint and made some research about the owner Anik Singal. 

So how does Inbox Blueprint work?
Anik Singal shows you how to build your very own email list using simple 1 page websites. These websites are often known as "squeeze pages" or "landing pages". These little 1 page websites are designed to do one thing only and that is to capture peoples email addresses. Once people enter their email address they are automatically added to your email list. This means you can email them anytime you want, promote an affiliate product and get paid a commission when a sale happens.

Inbox Blueprint - The Training
You might be wondering specifically what Anik Singal is going to teach you so let me share what you'll learn if you decide to purchase Inbox Blueprint.

Step 1 - Picking A Niche

The first thing you will learn is how to pick a profitable niche. Anik Singal shows you which niches work best and the specific questions you have to ask yourself before picking a niche. This is crucial to your success!

Step 2 - Opt In Pages (AKA Squeeze Pages / Landing Pages)
In step 2 you will learn how to create high converting opt in pages and find out which opt in pages work best. The "opt in" page is the simple 1 page website that you need in order to get people on your list. The primary purpose of these websites is to get people to enter their email address so they become a subscriber of yours and Anik Singal teaches you how to structure these for maximum results. 

You will also get some templates that are tested for high conversions.

Step 3 - Thank You Pages
In this step you learn the secret to making money from your list on day 1. Anik shows you how to make money from your subscribers immediately after they opt in to your list by strategically placing an offer on your opt in thank you page. Anik shows you which offers work best and exactly how to do this!

Step 4 - Autoresponder & Click Tracking
In this step you will learn which autoresponders are best for your business and how to get your autoresponder set up. An autoresponder is a service that will store and allow you to email all of your email subscribers. Anik also shows you which click tracking services are the best too and shows you how important it is to track your clicks so that you know exactly what offers are converting.

Step 5 - Email Marketing Strategy
In this step Anik shows you his email marketing strategy for making the maximum amount of money from your email list. Anik reveals an eye-opening strategy that is usually the complete opposite of what most people tell you.

This 1 tip will help you to make a lot more money with your email list.

Anik also shows you how to write emails and connect with your list on an emotional level so that they are more responsive to your emails and the offers that you promote.

Anik also shows you how to cash in on product launches and the types of emails you can send to your list in order to extract the maximum amount of sales.

Step 6 - Increasing Your Earnings
In step 6 Anik shows you how to make even more money with your email list. Anik shows you how to pick the best offers to promote to your list so that you can make the maximum amount of money per email subscriber. He shares 3 important rules that you must always consider before emailing an offer to your list. 

Step 7 - Traffic
Traffic is known as the lifeblood of an online business and in this step Anik Singal teaches you his most effective methods for getting floods of traffic and building huge email lists. 

Anik teaches you 8 traffic methods, 7 of which are free and can be implemented extremely quickly. His 1 paid method that he teaches is solo ads and he goes through this method in extreme detail. 

Anik teaches some extremely valuable information here that anyone can start using and seeing fast results from. Whether you have a budget to pay for traffic or not, you will love this traffic training and be able to see quick results.

Step 8 - Increasing Results
In this step you learn how to increase your results through optimizing certain things. One of the things that can increase your revenue easiest is not gaining more subscribers or traffic but actually optimizing your sales process so that you are able to convert more visitors into sales and get more eyes on your offer. Here Anik teaches you tips to increase your email deliverability and how to get more people to open your emails.


Inbox Blueprint is one of a kind and can be your own system to start making money online. All you need is a huge list and I recommend getting the List Hijack which I am using to build a good number of list. You must trust List Hijack on building your list it is one of the most prominent system I have ever found online that works as it says. 

Click this link to get your List Hijack System.
Click this link to Get the Inbox Blueprint

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